Meet team Isla Law!

Ruth Pannell

Lawyer, Founder and CEO

Ruth is a lawyer who founded Isla Law to make wills and life planning better. She has been practicing law for over 12 years, and has represented clients in wills, trusts, estate planning and probate matters.

After the birth of her two daughters, one of whom has a rare genetic condition, she became concerned with how complicated it was to make a will or plan your life properly in order to protect the people you care for so fiercely in life. She realised she could make the process easier and more accessible by getting rid of the stuffy legal fluff, and giving her clients a direct, simple service that actually gets results.

Ruth believes that estate planning has the power to change lives for the better! She likes working with clients who are ready to commit to some serious planning and change, because she has experienced how this will lead them towards more happiness, healthier relationships and reduced stress.

Paul Trotter

Operations Director

Paul is our super-helpful operations director and all-round superstar. He helps the rest of the team with strategy, and he supports us if we have any IT or HR issues. Paul loves his job because he gets to help people every day by providing them with the resources they need for their work. He does this by managing all of their technology needs, as well as helping to hire staff members who will be an asset to our clients.

Faye Pearce

PA and Client Relationship Assistant

Faye is ‘officially’ the team’s PA but, in reality, she is much more than that! Besides managing our diaries, Faye helps our clients access all the help and support they need when they work with us, as well as doing all sorts of paperwork. Basically, Faye makes sure the rest of the team are doing what they should at all times!

Reuben Riepma

Legal Assistant

Reuben is the newest member of Team Isla Law and is our legal assistant. He helps us with legal research, preparing documents, moving probate matters forward and other general (but very important) legal admin! Reuben completed his law conversion course last year. His goal is to get more experience putting what he knows into practice. In his spare time, you might find him running around the Kent Countryside, or travelling abroad with friends.

‘Highly recommended. Ruth just did our wills and albeit it is not an easy subject for anyone to talk about, Ruth was very easy to speak to, very knowledgable and extremely professional. Thank you Ruth.’

K Dagnall, Larkfield